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HR Services 
We will work with you one on one, to provide a hands-on service from placing advertisements to welcoming your new recruit. We are passionate about finding the right fit for your business and want to see you expand and grow.

We provide general Human Resource services to a variety of medium-sized companies throughout New Zealand and Australia.  Our services include strategic planning and coaching of teams, developing contracts, position descriptions, attending disciplinaries and mediations, developing positive cultures and assisting with inductions and exit interviews. We also assist with recruitment across a variety of industries.


We source the appropriate employees for our clients by following a robust recruitment and selection process.  Clients consistently use our services as they find that we are far more cost-effective than using a recruitment agency and we have the benefit of knowing their team dynamics and what people will best suit their organisation.   When we recruit we ensure that the people we bring on for our clients have values that aligned to that of the organisation.  We recognise through our experience in HR the importance of getting the recruitment process right and the costs to an organisation of making the wrong recruitment decision. 

Workplace Culture 
Workplace culture is the behaviours and values of your business environment. A positive business culture helps to improve the morale and motivation of teams. We are able to integrate into your business and understand your workplace culture through a series of engagement surveys, team development and attending team meetings.    

We get inside our clients’ businesses and tailor our solutions to assist them in developing a culture that represents their company values and expectations and encourages a positive, professional and productive work environment.

 HR Software
uReview is our online Performance Management Tool.  It can assist with employee appraisals, anonymous employee surveys and client surveys.  We have found using this in conjunction with our HR services is a great support to our clients. 

uReview helps our clients develop historical information on their team members and their clients.  The appraisals assist managers and employees in working together to achieve specific goals, the anonymous employee survey assists with developing the best possible culture and the client survey ensures the company is providing the best possible result for their clients.

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